08 January 2010

Hello, Love. &hearts

Hello. :]

I feel like I'm in a very musical mood today. I always love music, but I've been practicing piano A LOT lately (well, the past 48 hours...), because I have been invited to be one of the pianists for the little kid division of my church's Sabbath School class. And tomorrow's my big premiere! :) I'm pretty excited, because the songs are so cute and fun, and I adore those little kids in that class! I know at least three little girls there, and two little boys, and I just can't wait to meet all the others. I LOVE toddlers so much. :]

Anyway, so since I'm in such a musical mood, I figured I would share my self-proclaimed "Song of 2010". :] It's by Britt Nicole, and it's called "The Lost Get Found. I love it so much, and the moment this year started, I knew it would be the theme of my life. :) So I hope you like it.

That's the main exciting thing happening to me.

It feels like my life is starting to come together--I feel like I know what I want to study in school; I'm trying to find a new job and leave the plagues of last year behind (depression and OCD); I know I REALLY want to be a missionary after I graduate... I just feel like I can see God's plan, and I am really excited about that.

Other than that... I've been kinda sick today. :*( I think I might have ate something bad... :*(

Haha, I think this is it this time... no deep thoughts. Just happy Ashley saying hello.

So hello.

Happy day, friend.

Till next time,
Ash the (Musical) Dreamer

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