28 August 2010

help, my dear friends, please!

haha, I usually go to the baby name website that I love so dearly, but I figured I would post it here first, haha, just to see if you had any lovely ideas.

Yesterday I had a pretty cool idea of doing a story about a blind guy, kinda a gooshy love story... I dunno, maybe smooshing it with this other idea I had about this other blind girl trying to discover who was responsible with the auto accident that caused her to become blind and deaf... and a bit of my new favorite TV show (Covert Affairs--I utterly ADORE Auggie from that show, haha--you should look it up, it's utterly genius), I am not sure if I'll actually write it, but it's the best idea I've had in a while, and I've always loved the idea of writing stories for handicaps, especially with a lead character either being deaf or blind or both.

I'm just trying to come up with a name for him... so far I'm thinking that he'll have a terrifically positive outlook on life, a really sweet sense of humor, a great friend, an utter gentleman... a Christian, of course... my first two ideas for him were Daniel (nn Danny?) and Grayson, maybe August or Christian... but I think the whole August thing might be pushing it, because of the whole Auggie thing on Covert Affairs, haha. Which is why I was thinking of maybe Auguste as a second MN, or something, making him have some French heritage? Haven't decided yet.

But since you all are so important to me and I adore you all so much, I would love any ideas you have, especially since I know that Amelie, Paige, and Jen utterly adore names, haha.

Thanks so much for any ideas you have... :)

Talk to you soon,
Ash the (Creative) Dreamer

21 August 2010



I LOVE this picture. I just hope that if my brother gets the privilege to serve America like so many soldiers do, and if he's a daddy before he gets out of the military, that his little girl or little boy finds it this hard to let go! :*(

Till next time,
Ash the (Sniffing) Dreamer

12 August 2010

Dear Three,

Auguste. Arielle. Charlotte. I don't know what your mommy will end up naming you, but since this is what I know she was planning months ago... this is what I call you, for now. Dear Auggie, Ari, and Lottie. Your momma loves you. I'm not your momma, but I think I love you too. I was so happy for your momma when she told me that she was bringing you all into this world. Dears, this world isn't perfect, but when you have such an awesome mommy that you have, your life will be all right.

I'm sorry I can't be there, that I can't watch over you... I'm sorry that I can't press my nose to the glass and watch you fight for your lives... I'm sorry that I can't move mountains. I'm sorry I'm just a girl. I wish I could be superwoman for you, dears.

Auggie, Ari, Lottie... please... please, for your momma, for EVERYTHING she's been through in the past few months... please hold on. Please don't give up. I know God has given me a feeling of strength and purpose and future for you, and I believe that life will be okay and good again for your family, but until then, your momma needs hope and someone to hold her up. I know you can't hold her up, but you can keep fighting. And when you fight, your momma is given strength. So fight, please, never give up. For my friend that deserves the world. For the treasures that lay ahead for you. For the way your grandpere will adore you, for the way your auntie will spoil you... for the way the world will believe in you.

Auggie, Ari, Lottie... oh, if I could be there in the hospital with you... I would stand next to the window, pressing my nose against the glass, and plead for your lives. I already am pleading for your lives, to the One who I know can move mountains and rescue lives. But something about being there makes it feel more urgent, more real... And I'm sorry I can't be there for you and your mommy in person. But please know that I believe in you. And God believes in you. Your mommy believes in you. And I think God is going to do something amazing through you... so please... please never give up...

Ash (a dreamer)

(P.S... to those of you who don't know... which is pretty much all of you... I don't want to tell all my friend's issues all over the internet, but a lot has happened to her recently, and today her triplets were born, and they aren't even 25 weeks yet... So PLEASE, if you're the praying type, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE pray for them, and please pray for their momma, you can call her Millie. Thanks a million!)

Till next time,
Ash the (Confused, Sad, Overwhelmed, Compassionate, Worried) Dreamer

09 August 2010


Oh, I love little kids. haha.

I went to go visit my nana today... and she lives with my cousin, his wife, and their two girls (Lexi, who's six, and Emma, who's about 18 months). Lexi was so fascinated by me, lol, she just talked to me for over an hour straight. lol.

She was showing me her little toy gerbils, her "cell phone", her toy bat and toy kitty... she's so funny, haha.

At one point, she was like, "Oh, the momma gerbil is Sally, and the baby gerbil is Bebe..."

I was like, "Oh. Okay."

And then about ten minutes later, she SMACKED her forehead like she was an idiot, haha, and groaaaaaaned this groan of death, and said, "UGH!!!! I lied! The baby isn't Bebe, it's PHOEBE!!!! I have wayyyyy too many pets. I always get them confused... I just have three!"

hahahaha! She made me laugh so hard, I was like, "For real? Little kids can be THIS funny?!" haha. She's so silly. :)

I figured I would share that with you, she was such a doll. And so is Emma. ahahaha. They're so cute. :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Amused) Dreamer

06 August 2010

The Forsaken

I went to the cemetery today (just for the sake of going to a cemetery). It's always been one of my dreams to walk among the tombstones, and wonder what kind of people they were, and why each one died so sadly... Anywhooooo... I got these pictures, too. :)

How sweet is this? Somebody left flowers at someone's grave in an ORANGE SODA CAN! I want those kinds of people to love me after I'm gone, haha.

This is my unforsakeable!!! :) This is my nana, that I asked you to pray for a couple weeks ago... praise Jesus, she just came home from the nursing home today! YAY! We're so happy! :)))


Why does everyone always say that the cemetery is a creepy place? I don't think so. I'm inspired by cemeteries. How creepy does that sound?! haha.

Today, I wiped dried, dead cut grass off of the tombstones of people that mattered. Some of them died so long ago that I doubt anyone that ever knew them would ever remember who they were, why they smiled, loved, cried, and fought... And that makes me incredibly sad. Cemeteries remind me to love the people around me... Cemeteries remind me why I am so passionate about people, orphans, the unmentionables, the forsaken.

I needed that today. And I saw a bunch of tombstones with one of my family names on them... I wonder if they could have been one of my great-great-great-great-great grandmothers or grandfathers? And how sad is it that I don't even know of them?

Today, it was enough. It was enough to wipe the dead grass off the dignity of people that used to matter. It was enough to walk among their remains, to think of them. It was enough not to say anything... It was enough to remember my history, and the history of this world, and to think about how every human being matters to at least one person.

(Just two videos I really have been loving lately... and, in an obscure way, I kinda thought they fit the topic at hand, haha...)

Till next time,
Ash the (Passionate) Dreamer

02 August 2010

Music Blog, take 2 (or 3)


I feel like I haven't been around in forever... :) And I've been wanting to blog, but I had NO clue what to say, lol. I've gotten all these ingenious ideas for posts, though, so expect a bunch of lists sprinkled with a bunch of stories in the next month or so! :) (That's my blog forecast... haha, I just realized how much I sound like The Weather Channel! lol)

This is my secular-ish music blog... :) I usually post all these Christian songs, haha, but I've been discovering all these secular songs I like right now, so I figured I would post them, haha.

1. "Hey, Soul Sister" (Train)

2. "Airplanes" (by B.o.B, feat. Hayley Williams)

3. "A Drop in the Ocean" (Ron Pope)

4. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (performed by Glee cast)

(I just utterly LOVE this song, I can't believe I never really heard it before Glee... haha. I don't like the original by Bonnie Tyler, just by Glee, haha. This is TOTALLY my favorite Glee cover... haha)

5. "Hello, Goodbye" (performed by Glee cast)

(I am not sure how much I utterly LOVE this song, but I utterly adore Glee's renditions for their songs, so I figured I would post it, and I do love it...)

Haha, and that's it. I really don't listen to secular music, lol. But I figured if some non-Christian/non-religious people were following this, they might appreciate not hearing another Sanctus Real, Addison Road, or Britt Nichole song, haha.

Till next time,
Ash the (Happy) Dreamer

(Please forgive the cussing, ah, this is why I don't listen to secular music that much...)