Quotable Kids (and Other Awesome People!)

I love people so much, and most of them make me laugh... and I always want to remember all their hilarity... So I've decided that I'll just add quotes as I come across them... :)

[Laney and I were looking at this family Bible with a bunch of pictures in it that illustrated some of the stories...]

Me: Look, Laney! It's Noah's Ark!
Laney: Yeah!!!! Those are all the animals!
Me: Yeah, and look at Noah's family!!!!
Laney: (looks at me drolly) That's not Noah's family!
Me: Then who is it?!
Laney: (matter-of-factly) Those are PEOPLE!
(And may I ask, if Noah's family aren't PEOPLE, then what in the world are they?! lol)


[My little second cousin, Lexi, and I were hanging out for about an hour, and she was showing me all her toys, and she was introducing me to her two "pet" gerbils...]

Lex: Oh, the momma gerbil is Sally, and the baby gerbil is Bebe...
Me: Oh, okay.

[Ten minutes later...]

Lex: [she SMACKED her forehead like she was an idiot, haha, and groaaaaaaned this groan of death] UGH!!!! I lied! The baby isn't Bebe, it's PHOEBE!!!! I have wayyyyy too many pets. I always get them confused... I just have three!

[For real? Kids can be that funny? haha, oh, Lex, I love you...]


Recently I was at work, and my boss, this midget of a Filipino lady (she's so cuteeee! haha) was taking an order on drive-through just after we opened for the day.

Patty (my boss): Hi, how are you today?

Customer: Oh, not so good...

Patty: Oh, what can I do to make you feel better?

[awkward silence]



I was hanging out with one of my favorite girls, Kylee, today... I was carrying her down the hallway in my church, and trying to balance her on one side and my purse on the other... and she kept begging me to spin her in circles.

Me: I can't do that now! If I spun you, my purse would FLY off my arm and hit you in the face!
Kylee: That's stupid.



Before the children's story/sermon at church today...

Me: Hey, Kylee, do you know who that Man is in the picture there?
Kylee: [looking at me] No. Who is it?
Me: That's Jesus. :)
Kylee: Oh, He's gonna get me a new bike.

oh, goodness gracious, child... WHERE do you get these things from?! lol.


At supper one night, with the whole family.

Becca: I have a cucumber seed up my nose.
Mom: Is it Rachel's?

Ummm... Mom?!