15 October 2013

It's Time for a Change...

After a few years of blogging here (and a few years of ignoring you!  I'm so sorry!), I've decided it's time for a change.  I feel God leading me into a ministry that hopefully, one day, I can do full-time, and I've decided to reformat my blog to coincide with that.  If you'd like to follow my Jesus adventures (and all my everyday-ramblings), you can find me at aimersansfin.blogspot.com.  My plan is to blog there much more frequently than I have here in the past several months.

You might also notice that over there I go by Lise, rather than Ashley/Ash...  It's just a new nickname I'm adjusting to, and that I rather like.  But feel free to continue calling me Ashley or Ash if you so desire.  I'm still Ashley, after all.  :)

Here's to talking this new journey with some friends.

With love,
Ash (or Lise)

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