24 July 2010



Happy afternoon!

I had plans to play the piano and go take pictures in a park this afternoon... but ah, my plans were foiled (Lea's watching TV, and I'm sure she won't let me play, and it's just too infernally hot here right now!)... Then I was going to watch a movie, but all the movies I could think of didn't seem very appealing... so here I am... rambling, while I wait for my music to upload onto iTunes and while I wait for my new profile picture to upload on Twitter. Which, btw, I don't think it'll EVER finish uploading... :/

While I was going through my music, though, I discovered this gem... It's not like it's that old even, lol--I just got it as a free download off some music site before the whole album was released, so I've had it for months now, haha.

Forgive me for the not awesome-ness of my blog lately... I want to write something EPIC, but nothing awesome is coming to me. :/ But I've been thinking of you all lately, and I hope you're very well! :)

And look-ey what I just got from the library this week!!!!! Oooh, I can't wait to dig into them... I'm so mad I have to finish my other book before I can start "The Centurion's Wife"... it looks soooooooo GOOD! And I got another movie, too, but I didn't feel like trying to fit it in the picture, either, haha. It's called "The Cleaner" (with Cedric the Entertainer) and it's pretty funny. Not as awesome as my sister said it would be, but still pretty good. haha.

I guess that's it... :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Bored) Dreamer

17 July 2010

Vacation!!!! :)

I have just returned from my super-awesome vacation... :) It was SOOO amazing... I loved it! :)

We went to the beach a lot... we also went to Cape May, NJ, for one day... we went to the board walk, and a few museums (let me just say that Ripley's Believe It or Not museum is kinda freaky...). I just realized I don't quite have as many pictures as I thought I did, haha, but these were some of my favorites... :)

I stole Becca's sunglasses for the day, hehe. And they're PURPLE... why wouldn't I rock them?! haha.

The lighthouse at Cape May... I thought it looked pretty cool, and I have always loved lighthouses. I dunno why, but for some reason, I loved the way the phone lines crossed over the lighthouse diagonally...

This little path by the west--I think it was west, anyway!--side of Ocean City, MD. I thought it looked so cool... although the picture looks so much cooler than real life, haha.

Just some pictures from the ocean before we came home today! :) I especially love the sun-umbrella thingy... I think it's soooo cool! haha.

My presents from vacation! I'm seriously soooo in love, haha. My flipflops were KILLING me all vacation--I walked around and island with year-old (AT LEAST!) flipflops, so worn out, haha, so my parents gave in and bought me super-cool purple stripey ones before we came home! And I love my new wallet--I have room for everything I need! And I love my purple flower key-chain, my new sunglasses that make me look like a little kid with sunglasses that are 20-sizes-too-big... and of course my awesome car charm that's already hanging in my car! :)

haha, sorry if it wasn't the most exciting blog, but this was the most awesome vacation I have been on in YEARS--I SO didn't want to leave this afternoon! And I just wanted to share. :) I seriously don't know why I didn't love the beach before now... now I want to live really close to the beach... ah, it would be awesome!

Till next time,
Ash the (Psyched!) Dreamer

10 July 2010

Ho-Hummm... :]

Do you &hearts my new blog background? I can't decide--usually I hate the beach (horrible near-drowning experience when I was about 10), and usually I hate beach pictures, but I liked it sorta, and I felt it's fitting (I leave for the beach tomorrow with my sister and my parents!), and I'm SO looking forward to this vacation, so maybe it'll last for a while. And I wasn't crazy about all the other blog layouts, and I haven't figured out how to come up with my own blog format yet, haha.

Usually I actually have something to say, haha, but I just wanted to say hi... and I have a few questions... haha. My mom just let me know that one of her coworkers is pregnant and is trying to pick a name for her baby... and since I'm such a name lover (haha), I of course offered to help! :) I was just curious if you had some awesome suggestions for me to pass along to her. Her name is Angela, and I think her hubby's name is Paul... and their daughter who's about 2 years old is named Caitlin. So far, I've thought of Joshua, Bailey (boy), Eden (girl), Lucia, Claire, and Rebecca that I think would be cute with Caitlin, and I'm going to think about it more later, but I wanted to see if you had any ideas, since I know Jen, you name everything, and Amelie, you love names, just like me! :) And ah, now that I think of Amelie, I think of Charlotte, and I think Caitlin and Charlotte would be cute together... :)

Also, I painted this sky over a year ago, and I wanted to paint kinda a rough sea with sailboats and such underneath this sky, but ever since I got the sky SO perfect (I think so, anyway!), I'm afraid to mess it up! So, ah, I was just wondering what you thought of it? And what you think the bottom part of the landscape should be?

I don't know if I'll be around blogger at all on my vacation--I don't even know if I'm taking my computer, yet--but as soon as I get back, I hope to post some pictures!!!! :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Joyful) Dreamer

02 July 2010

abc. 123. and now you know all about me. :]

Sorry, it's corny. I know. But alas, I can't help myself. I'm feeling quite giddy today!

Amazing Amelie just sent this to me today, I think it is... at least, I just SAW it today... and it sounded SO fun! So I decided to do it post haste. :)

All you have to do is post something about yourself for each letter of the alphabet. :)

A is for adoption. :) Hopefully, one day, I'll have six amazing children named Isabelle Jane, Arianne Noelle, Olivia Wren, Emmeline Ruby, Caleb Joseph, and Daniel Henry. :) ALL adopted. :)

B is for Becca (and Lea, of course!) the most amazing sisters in the world! :) (And of course my brother... Johnny!)

C is for Chuck, the most adorable geeky spy ever! :) (And of course, all my other favorite shows... which pretty much go on forever... haha. But Bones, Chuck, Castle, and In Plain Sight are my favorites!)

D is for Delaney, the most adorable little girl in the whole world and one of my hearts' delights (and of course, her baby sister, Kylee!).

E is for Europe... Don't even ask me to pick between Scotland, France, Prague, Italy, Austria, Germany, or Scandinavia... :*(

F is for France, because j'adore your language more than any other... and I love a LOT of languages! :)))))

G is for God. Nuff said. :)

H is for husband, because mine is still a secret... but i'm sure he's still out there (which makes it all the more exciting). :)

I is for Isabelle (Clementine) Jane, the name I want to give my first daughter (yes, I really do have it all planned out! haha. First son: Caleb Joseph).

J is for Jesus Christ, my Best-est Friend in the whole world!

K is for Karen (my awesomest Mommy! and my daddy, too... Jesus just claimed dibs on "J". *grin*)

L is for landscapes--my favorite things to paint (with oils, of course!).

M is for Mornings with Brant, the BEST and funniest morning show ever! :))))))

N is for names, because i'm clearly obsessed! (I won't go into detail, because to explain it to a non-name-lover is just ROYALLY embarrassing!)

O is for OCD and depression, because they remind me that evil has to be vanquished and that evil is to be fleed, and goodness is very real and very hopeful...

P is for piano, the only instrument I play... (although I desperately want to learn how to play violin and the drums, as well!)

Q is for quiet, because I'm unbelievably shy...

R is for Reveille (one of the coolest poems ever!), by A. E. Housman... :)

S is for soldier, what my brother wants to be. I've always had OODLES of respect for soldiers, but now that Johnny wants to be one, ah, I respect and feel so much gratitude to them even more!

T is for The Scarlet Pimpernel, my favorite classic lit story ever! :)

U is for university, because i can't get rid of it! haha.

V is for violet--my favorite color AND flower! :)

W is for writing, because if I couldn't write stories, I think I truly would be dead. :*(

X is for x-ray... because I had to get one when I swallowed a quarter in Sabbath School! (Naughty me... haha)

Y is for yuletide greetings... because my favorite holiday is Christmas!

Z is for "Z"s. Because I'm sleepy. :)

And ah, I am only allowed to pass this on to one person... so... :*(

But I pass it to Jen at It's a Jen's Life...

Till next time,
Ash the (Giddy) Dreamer