24 July 2010



Happy afternoon!

I had plans to play the piano and go take pictures in a park this afternoon... but ah, my plans were foiled (Lea's watching TV, and I'm sure she won't let me play, and it's just too infernally hot here right now!)... Then I was going to watch a movie, but all the movies I could think of didn't seem very appealing... so here I am... rambling, while I wait for my music to upload onto iTunes and while I wait for my new profile picture to upload on Twitter. Which, btw, I don't think it'll EVER finish uploading... :/

While I was going through my music, though, I discovered this gem... It's not like it's that old even, lol--I just got it as a free download off some music site before the whole album was released, so I've had it for months now, haha.

Forgive me for the not awesome-ness of my blog lately... I want to write something EPIC, but nothing awesome is coming to me. :/ But I've been thinking of you all lately, and I hope you're very well! :)

And look-ey what I just got from the library this week!!!!! Oooh, I can't wait to dig into them... I'm so mad I have to finish my other book before I can start "The Centurion's Wife"... it looks soooooooo GOOD! And I got another movie, too, but I didn't feel like trying to fit it in the picture, either, haha. It's called "The Cleaner" (with Cedric the Entertainer) and it's pretty funny. Not as awesome as my sister said it would be, but still pretty good. haha.

I guess that's it... :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Bored) Dreamer

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