02 July 2010

abc. 123. and now you know all about me. :]

Sorry, it's corny. I know. But alas, I can't help myself. I'm feeling quite giddy today!

Amazing Amelie just sent this to me today, I think it is... at least, I just SAW it today... and it sounded SO fun! So I decided to do it post haste. :)

All you have to do is post something about yourself for each letter of the alphabet. :)

A is for adoption. :) Hopefully, one day, I'll have six amazing children named Isabelle Jane, Arianne Noelle, Olivia Wren, Emmeline Ruby, Caleb Joseph, and Daniel Henry. :) ALL adopted. :)

B is for Becca (and Lea, of course!) the most amazing sisters in the world! :) (And of course my brother... Johnny!)

C is for Chuck, the most adorable geeky spy ever! :) (And of course, all my other favorite shows... which pretty much go on forever... haha. But Bones, Chuck, Castle, and In Plain Sight are my favorites!)

D is for Delaney, the most adorable little girl in the whole world and one of my hearts' delights (and of course, her baby sister, Kylee!).

E is for Europe... Don't even ask me to pick between Scotland, France, Prague, Italy, Austria, Germany, or Scandinavia... :*(

F is for France, because j'adore your language more than any other... and I love a LOT of languages! :)))))

G is for God. Nuff said. :)

H is for husband, because mine is still a secret... but i'm sure he's still out there (which makes it all the more exciting). :)

I is for Isabelle (Clementine) Jane, the name I want to give my first daughter (yes, I really do have it all planned out! haha. First son: Caleb Joseph).

J is for Jesus Christ, my Best-est Friend in the whole world!

K is for Karen (my awesomest Mommy! and my daddy, too... Jesus just claimed dibs on "J". *grin*)

L is for landscapes--my favorite things to paint (with oils, of course!).

M is for Mornings with Brant, the BEST and funniest morning show ever! :))))))

N is for names, because i'm clearly obsessed! (I won't go into detail, because to explain it to a non-name-lover is just ROYALLY embarrassing!)

O is for OCD and depression, because they remind me that evil has to be vanquished and that evil is to be fleed, and goodness is very real and very hopeful...

P is for piano, the only instrument I play... (although I desperately want to learn how to play violin and the drums, as well!)

Q is for quiet, because I'm unbelievably shy...

R is for Reveille (one of the coolest poems ever!), by A. E. Housman... :)

S is for soldier, what my brother wants to be. I've always had OODLES of respect for soldiers, but now that Johnny wants to be one, ah, I respect and feel so much gratitude to them even more!

T is for The Scarlet Pimpernel, my favorite classic lit story ever! :)

U is for university, because i can't get rid of it! haha.

V is for violet--my favorite color AND flower! :)

W is for writing, because if I couldn't write stories, I think I truly would be dead. :*(

X is for x-ray... because I had to get one when I swallowed a quarter in Sabbath School! (Naughty me... haha)

Y is for yuletide greetings... because my favorite holiday is Christmas!

Z is for "Z"s. Because I'm sleepy. :)

And ah, I am only allowed to pass this on to one person... so... :*(

But I pass it to Jen at It's a Jen's Life...

Till next time,
Ash the (Giddy) Dreamer


Amélie said...

haha, i have to say you are more creative than i am at this :)

oh yeah, and kickboxing is so fun! except i was really bad so it was terribly embarrassing but oh well, haha

Jen said...

Aw, very cool! I loved that! I can't wait to do my own--I have a bunch of posts to catch up on, its insane. But I will do this one ASAP, haha. Thanks Ash!