26 June 2010

Conversations with My Girls. :]

If you've read this blog for any length of time at all, I'm sure you've heard me mention my two favorite girls--they are these two adorable little girls who go to my church, sisters, who will both be five (Laney) and four (Kylee) in late December this year. They're basically my primary source of amusement. :)

So today I got to hang out with them between church services and such... so I figured I would share some of their adorable hilarity with you! :)

[Laney and I were looking at this family Bible with a bunch of pictures in it that illustrated some of the stories...]

Me: Look, Laney! It's Noah's Ark!
Laney: Yeah!!!! Those are all the animals!
Me: Yeah, and look at Noah's family!!!!
Laney: (looks at me drolly) That's not Noah's family!
Me: Then who is it?!
Laney: (matter-of-factly) Those are PEOPLE!
(And may I ask, if Noah's family aren't PEOPLE, then what in the world are they?! lol)

[I was holding Kylee as I was waiting for her grandmother to be ready to leave, and we were walking around, and lately Kylee always wants to know what everyone's name is...]

Kylee: Who's that?
Me: That's my daddy. His name is John.
Kylee: John?
Me: Yep, but I can't call him that. But I call him Daddy. He would get mad at me if I called him John.
Kylee: (a bit of fear and worry in her eyes) His name is John? And you call him Daddy?
Me: Yep.
Kylee: And if you call him John he would be very very angry at you?
Me: Not REALLY angry... but I'm supposed to call him Daddy. Because that's what I'm supposed to call him. Just like you call your daddy "Daddy".
Kylee: So his name is John, but you call him Daddy? Because if you called him John he would be VERY VERY VERY mad at you?
Me: No... he would just be like, "No... I'm your daddy, so you call me Daddy." And that's that.
Kylee: Ohhhh...

And there were a bunch of others, but I definitely don't remember them. haha.

Till next time,
Ash the (Amused) Dreamer

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Jen said...

Children's quotes and reasoning is priceless. I started putting my siblings quotes in my Facebook Statuses so I could remember them. Sometimes they are SO random, but so funny.

And I'm happy I've read your blog long enough to recognize the girls' names--haha, they sounds so precious!