17 June 2010

oh, please... :*(

oh, please, please pray for my nana.

maybe, when i'm not so insanely tired, i'll tell you about her.

but here's the gist of it now: two evenings ago, she fell on the way to walking to supper (she lives with my cousin, his wife, and their two girls), and she fell and broke her hip. when they were doing surgery to fix her broken hip yesterday, they discovered her cancer metastasized from her lungs (where it was nearly two years ago) to somewhere in her leg/pancreas (no one can really give me all the details yet). suffice it to say, if she would have flatlined on the operating table, my dad and his sister signed a do not resuscitate form for her.


i knew this was coming, but i didn't expect it to scare me so much.

please pray for my nana, and my family!

thanks, dears!
i'll talk to you later!

till next time,
ash the (heartbroken) dreamer


beka said...

Oh goodness.
I'll be praying.
Gosh, I've heard DNR orders can be pretty tricky, if the case is that the person isn't in fatal condition in the first place...like if they choke on food or something, I've heard the nurse or whoever has to stand and let it be. Ugh.

Anyhow, I hope they get things sorted--God is with you guys!

Jen said...

Sending prayers for you and all your family my dear friend. I know this is difficult and scary. Wish I could hug you in person. :(
Your Jesus is the comfort and refuge of you, and your Nana. Keep your eyes up. (hug)