26 August 2008

top 10 things

hello, everybody... :)

tomorrow, i start school again... i feel like i'm so behind everybody else! anywho, tomorrow i'll probably have some stories to tell, but, for today, i feel like doing something i saw a bunch of other people doing on the internet--posting a "top 10 favorites" list--on myspace, their blog, whatever. so i'm gonna do it, too.

10. what women want

9. working at taco bell

8. 2008 beijing olympics

7. two weeks notice

6. laughing

5. getting ready for school

4. writing novels--especially about beautiful characters

3. Sanctus Real

2. the mikucki brothers (i feel inclined to say
that these two boys aren't the mikucki brothers...
at least, not the ones i'm talking about. :) i just
don't have a picture of joe and geoffrey... :])

1. God's love and mercy.

that's all, folks. i wanna watch a movie before i go to bed. toodles... :P

until later,

16 August 2008

the highlights of back-to-school vacation

haha... this is what i do with my days off. :) i love these two videos.

anyways, if i had a good story, i'd tell it, but this has been one of the most boring-est vacations i have had in my whole entire lifetime. i didn't even watch a good movie. maybe i'll have an exciting story for you once i start my first non-Christian school. probably could stretch that one a while. :)

Happy Sabbath, everybody.


12 August 2008

pray for us...

This is my momma. She's the coolest momma ever... I promise. :)

I guess this isn't the coolest blog story ever, but today we received the news that my mom has been fired/laid off today, and this is really hard on our family.

Receiving news like that is like realizing you are clinically depressed--it's like you've been sucker-punched; all the air goes out of you and you double over. We're all just really worried about the future, and what's going to happen.

I believe in prayer and that God makes no mistakes, but that doesn't mean life is easy. Please pray for my family and my momma.

Talk to you guys soon,

05 August 2008

nothing is everything

i haven't been up to much lately, just learning about my little brother's passion, photography. yup, yup. i never really was that much into taking pictures, but over the past three days, i've done it a LOT. just figured i'd post some of them for you to see. :) not much exciting going on with me, just getting ready to go back to college.

the thing i wish i knew most how to communicate but i still have no clue how to say that everything can happen in a moment where nothing is going on. i hate it when people ask me, "what did you do this summer?" after they talk about working at summer camp or going to concerts or europe and stuff like that. what do i say? "umm... i worked at taco bell. all summer. real boring." except it WASN'T BORING... being with family isn't boring. overcoming depression isn't boring. falling in love with Jesus isn't boring. dreaming of life isn't boring. figuring out my life calling isn't boring. but man, how do you say that when taco bell is so much less exciting than going to romania and rebuilding a house? or watching 20 kids get baptized after seeing your witness at summer camp?

nothing is everything. that's what i say tonight. cuz dreams start out of nothing, and sometimes nothing is good.