26 August 2008

top 10 things

hello, everybody... :)

tomorrow, i start school again... i feel like i'm so behind everybody else! anywho, tomorrow i'll probably have some stories to tell, but, for today, i feel like doing something i saw a bunch of other people doing on the internet--posting a "top 10 favorites" list--on myspace, their blog, whatever. so i'm gonna do it, too.

10. what women want

9. working at taco bell

8. 2008 beijing olympics

7. two weeks notice

6. laughing

5. getting ready for school

4. writing novels--especially about beautiful characters

3. Sanctus Real

2. the mikucki brothers (i feel inclined to say
that these two boys aren't the mikucki brothers...
at least, not the ones i'm talking about. :) i just
don't have a picture of joe and geoffrey... :])

1. God's love and mercy.

that's all, folks. i wanna watch a movie before i go to bed. toodles... :P

until later,

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