17 July 2010

Vacation!!!! :)

I have just returned from my super-awesome vacation... :) It was SOOO amazing... I loved it! :)

We went to the beach a lot... we also went to Cape May, NJ, for one day... we went to the board walk, and a few museums (let me just say that Ripley's Believe It or Not museum is kinda freaky...). I just realized I don't quite have as many pictures as I thought I did, haha, but these were some of my favorites... :)

I stole Becca's sunglasses for the day, hehe. And they're PURPLE... why wouldn't I rock them?! haha.

The lighthouse at Cape May... I thought it looked pretty cool, and I have always loved lighthouses. I dunno why, but for some reason, I loved the way the phone lines crossed over the lighthouse diagonally...

This little path by the west--I think it was west, anyway!--side of Ocean City, MD. I thought it looked so cool... although the picture looks so much cooler than real life, haha.

Just some pictures from the ocean before we came home today! :) I especially love the sun-umbrella thingy... I think it's soooo cool! haha.

My presents from vacation! I'm seriously soooo in love, haha. My flipflops were KILLING me all vacation--I walked around and island with year-old (AT LEAST!) flipflops, so worn out, haha, so my parents gave in and bought me super-cool purple stripey ones before we came home! And I love my new wallet--I have room for everything I need! And I love my purple flower key-chain, my new sunglasses that make me look like a little kid with sunglasses that are 20-sizes-too-big... and of course my awesome car charm that's already hanging in my car! :)

haha, sorry if it wasn't the most exciting blog, but this was the most awesome vacation I have been on in YEARS--I SO didn't want to leave this afternoon! And I just wanted to share. :) I seriously don't know why I didn't love the beach before now... now I want to live really close to the beach... ah, it would be awesome!

Till next time,
Ash the (Psyched!) Dreamer

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