10 July 2010

Ho-Hummm... :]

Do you &hearts my new blog background? I can't decide--usually I hate the beach (horrible near-drowning experience when I was about 10), and usually I hate beach pictures, but I liked it sorta, and I felt it's fitting (I leave for the beach tomorrow with my sister and my parents!), and I'm SO looking forward to this vacation, so maybe it'll last for a while. And I wasn't crazy about all the other blog layouts, and I haven't figured out how to come up with my own blog format yet, haha.

Usually I actually have something to say, haha, but I just wanted to say hi... and I have a few questions... haha. My mom just let me know that one of her coworkers is pregnant and is trying to pick a name for her baby... and since I'm such a name lover (haha), I of course offered to help! :) I was just curious if you had some awesome suggestions for me to pass along to her. Her name is Angela, and I think her hubby's name is Paul... and their daughter who's about 2 years old is named Caitlin. So far, I've thought of Joshua, Bailey (boy), Eden (girl), Lucia, Claire, and Rebecca that I think would be cute with Caitlin, and I'm going to think about it more later, but I wanted to see if you had any ideas, since I know Jen, you name everything, and Amelie, you love names, just like me! :) And ah, now that I think of Amelie, I think of Charlotte, and I think Caitlin and Charlotte would be cute together... :)

Also, I painted this sky over a year ago, and I wanted to paint kinda a rough sea with sailboats and such underneath this sky, but ever since I got the sky SO perfect (I think so, anyway!), I'm afraid to mess it up! So, ah, I was just wondering what you thought of it? And what you think the bottom part of the landscape should be?

I don't know if I'll be around blogger at all on my vacation--I don't even know if I'm taking my computer, yet--but as soon as I get back, I hope to post some pictures!!!! :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Joyful) Dreamer


beka said...

that's really pretty, what you have so far of the painting:)
You should put it as your background! That'd be cool!

Jen said...

Oh wow, you've really captured the sky colors, and that's hard to do! I'm not very artistically inclined, so I would be afraid to mess up too. :) Maybe you could scribe a quote, or Scripture in a neat font? We had a magnificent sky yesterday, and fittingly a friend preached on Psalm 19...you should check that one out! :)

Jen said...

Oops, forgot name suggestions...these are some I love:

Leah (Biblical significance)
...or C names to match Caitlyn:

...or C names:

Haha...I love names. :)