02 August 2010

Music Blog, take 2 (or 3)


I feel like I haven't been around in forever... :) And I've been wanting to blog, but I had NO clue what to say, lol. I've gotten all these ingenious ideas for posts, though, so expect a bunch of lists sprinkled with a bunch of stories in the next month or so! :) (That's my blog forecast... haha, I just realized how much I sound like The Weather Channel! lol)

This is my secular-ish music blog... :) I usually post all these Christian songs, haha, but I've been discovering all these secular songs I like right now, so I figured I would post them, haha.

1. "Hey, Soul Sister" (Train)

2. "Airplanes" (by B.o.B, feat. Hayley Williams)

3. "A Drop in the Ocean" (Ron Pope)

4. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (performed by Glee cast)

(I just utterly LOVE this song, I can't believe I never really heard it before Glee... haha. I don't like the original by Bonnie Tyler, just by Glee, haha. This is TOTALLY my favorite Glee cover... haha)

5. "Hello, Goodbye" (performed by Glee cast)

(I am not sure how much I utterly LOVE this song, but I utterly adore Glee's renditions for their songs, so I figured I would post it, and I do love it...)

Haha, and that's it. I really don't listen to secular music, lol. But I figured if some non-Christian/non-religious people were following this, they might appreciate not hearing another Sanctus Real, Addison Road, or Britt Nichole song, haha.

Till next time,
Ash the (Happy) Dreamer

(Please forgive the cussing, ah, this is why I don't listen to secular music that much...)

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