06 August 2010

The Forsaken

I went to the cemetery today (just for the sake of going to a cemetery). It's always been one of my dreams to walk among the tombstones, and wonder what kind of people they were, and why each one died so sadly... Anywhooooo... I got these pictures, too. :)

How sweet is this? Somebody left flowers at someone's grave in an ORANGE SODA CAN! I want those kinds of people to love me after I'm gone, haha.

This is my unforsakeable!!! :) This is my nana, that I asked you to pray for a couple weeks ago... praise Jesus, she just came home from the nursing home today! YAY! We're so happy! :)))


Why does everyone always say that the cemetery is a creepy place? I don't think so. I'm inspired by cemeteries. How creepy does that sound?! haha.

Today, I wiped dried, dead cut grass off of the tombstones of people that mattered. Some of them died so long ago that I doubt anyone that ever knew them would ever remember who they were, why they smiled, loved, cried, and fought... And that makes me incredibly sad. Cemeteries remind me to love the people around me... Cemeteries remind me why I am so passionate about people, orphans, the unmentionables, the forsaken.

I needed that today. And I saw a bunch of tombstones with one of my family names on them... I wonder if they could have been one of my great-great-great-great-great grandmothers or grandfathers? And how sad is it that I don't even know of them?

Today, it was enough. It was enough to wipe the dead grass off the dignity of people that used to matter. It was enough to walk among their remains, to think of them. It was enough not to say anything... It was enough to remember my history, and the history of this world, and to think about how every human being matters to at least one person.

(Just two videos I really have been loving lately... and, in an obscure way, I kinda thought they fit the topic at hand, haha...)

Till next time,
Ash the (Passionate) Dreamer

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