28 August 2010

help, my dear friends, please!

haha, I usually go to the baby name website that I love so dearly, but I figured I would post it here first, haha, just to see if you had any lovely ideas.

Yesterday I had a pretty cool idea of doing a story about a blind guy, kinda a gooshy love story... I dunno, maybe smooshing it with this other idea I had about this other blind girl trying to discover who was responsible with the auto accident that caused her to become blind and deaf... and a bit of my new favorite TV show (Covert Affairs--I utterly ADORE Auggie from that show, haha--you should look it up, it's utterly genius), I am not sure if I'll actually write it, but it's the best idea I've had in a while, and I've always loved the idea of writing stories for handicaps, especially with a lead character either being deaf or blind or both.

I'm just trying to come up with a name for him... so far I'm thinking that he'll have a terrifically positive outlook on life, a really sweet sense of humor, a great friend, an utter gentleman... a Christian, of course... my first two ideas for him were Daniel (nn Danny?) and Grayson, maybe August or Christian... but I think the whole August thing might be pushing it, because of the whole Auggie thing on Covert Affairs, haha. Which is why I was thinking of maybe Auguste as a second MN, or something, making him have some French heritage? Haven't decided yet.

But since you all are so important to me and I adore you all so much, I would love any ideas you have, especially since I know that Amelie, Paige, and Jen utterly adore names, haha.

Thanks so much for any ideas you have... :)

Talk to you soon,
Ash the (Creative) Dreamer

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