07 January 2010

Ashley the Magnificent Returns!!!!

haha... not really.

but you SHOULD read my "ashley the magnificent" blog if you haven't yet. because i think it's HILARIOUS! :]

but i did just have an adventure, and "ashley the magnificent" always pops up when an adventure takes place. :)

on monday morning, my brother and i took off on an adventure across several states to southwestern michigan. :]

see, my brother went to college in that area last semester, while i was at college here. he decided over Christmas break that he wasn't going to return (i KNOW! so last minute! lol), so we had to go get his stuff. my mom wanted someone to go with him, but monday was my mom's birthday, my sister and father had a dentist's appointment in philly, and my grandmother couldn't go that far. so alas, i was chosen. :] besides, i love roadtrips, so i volunteered!

we braved the winter weather conditions and had to stomp through two feet of snow when we finally got there, and i have survived pretty much STRICTLY on fast food cuisine for the past 3 days, but i'm finally home to tell you all about it! lol.

i lovelovelove roadtrips. so much. apparently adults don't understand why i would rather spend three days in a cramped-up car, driving to south dakota or wherever i go, rather than taking a few short hours to FLY there. i say they lack adventure. and they still need to learn about the joy in the journey.

my favorite part of roadtrips is the journey. not leaving home, or getting to my destination, or whatever i do when i'm there, but the long drive to where i'm going. i love it so much. i love the scenery, the bonding time with my travel companions, what i get to do while we're riding along, the way music and the journey come together to warm my heart and my soul, and mostly how i can commune with Jesus while i am journeying. for some reason, i always grow closer to God during trips. i guess it's because somehow, when i'm driving i see it best, as i see the fellow travelers driving, and it just hits me why Jesus loves these people He has created.

because they're beautiful. and they live and love and breath and hope and search for truth and they NEED a Lover.

and i just love seeing why Jesus loves us. it's not really explicable, and i really can't understand the heart of God, but i can see a little bit.

and that's enough for me, right now. :)

i love this song, because it just feels like how i feel every roadtrip. :)

i wish the greatest things for this world of mine, that i live and breathe in, but i have to be content, hoping that one day, we all will win where it counts.

till next time,
ash the (joyful) dreamer

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