21 January 2010

Ashley the Magnificent's Third Adventure!

Hello, World! :)

I desperately need to go read Beowulf for my English (British) lit class, but I'm dreading it. Beowolf is SUCH a weird story! That, and I have some French, math, and possibly writing (for my creative writing class), too! Do you know how much it STINKS to have almost ALL of your classes in college on three days, instead of evenly spread out? I hate having four classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but only having one class on Tuesday and Thursday. I am dreading this. :*(

Hehe, but that's not why I logged on today... Ashley the Magnificent had an experience to remember today, but she's about to split personalities and become Ashley the Bewildered. lol.

So today I only had one class--it's called "Contemporary Issues", and it's beyond boring. :*( But that's not the point.

Anywhooooo... so now my little brother and I both go to the same college, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have the exact same schedule--one class, from 8 to 9:20 am, even in the same building! We're not in the same class, though. :) Anyway, so I went to class, dealt with the boring-ness.

Then after we finished, we went over to this little bookstore that has books for Kutztown students to buy/rent for their classes. We both needed to get some books that weren't there when we bought them earlier. Anyway, so we bought the books, I lost $25 (*tear*), and we went home.

I was hanging out, avoiding homework (not the best idea, mind you...). Then my brother came into my room and told me that the Kutztown POLICE called our house, because somebody had turned in my WALLET! I was so confused--I was like, I HAVE my wallet! :/

But then I looked, and I really didn't. I was so confused, because I didn't have a CLUE how I lost it. Maybe I accidentally left it on the counter or something?

But after talking to the police for about five minutes, and they confirmed that the contents inside were in fact mine, I was just about to arrange to go down there and pick them up, when, across the telephone lines, you would never guess what I heard.

My dad.

So weird. He sometimes works at my school, but I didn't know he was in the area. Anyway, the policeman asked me if I knew were "the com" was or something like that (btw, I don't even KNOW what that is! lol). And I was like, "Uh, no, actually..."

And then my dad was trying to give him instructions to give me to get there! Hehe. It was really funny.

Then the cop was just like, "Um, your dad says he's here... can you tell me his name?"

I was like, "Uhhh..." But I told him. And then he was like, "Okay, well, I'm giving it to him, if that's okay with you..."

I was like, "haha... fine."

And then he hung up.

So strange. :)

And now I have to get to Beowulf.

Happy day, world! :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Amused) Dreamer

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Bee said...

Ah hectic day for you! I lost my purse recently (you called it a wallet i think)as well and I was FRANTIC trying to find it. Turned up at the train station, thank goodness somebody was decent enough to hand it in.It even had my provisional lisence in it. Am glad you didn't lose it for too long.