13 November 2009

the skit guys!!!!!

gah, the skit guys are amazing! :) i just spent the past 6:45 minutes laughing my head off, so i figured i would share this with you! :)

hope you loved it as much as i do! :)

until next time,
ash the (amused) dreamer!

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Jen said...

LOVE that Casting Crowns song, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your sweet words too. I'm feeling a little better, and clining to joy, hope, patience and prayer (Romans 12:12!).

What are you going to school for, and where to do you work?

Our youth group sponsors a precious little girl, Jennifer (pronounced hen-eh-fair), from El Salvador. It's been a blessing to do. Don't worry, the Lord will lead you to the right one in the right timing. One isn't more precious than the other, and you'll love yours just as much as all the rest, I promise!