21 November 2009

sarah the stupid...

gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! i have two projects i really need to work on, but i'm sooooooooooooo mad, because my computer died on me tonight!!!!!!!! gah, i'm so very mad. :/ i think sarah (aka my computer... in case you didn't know, i name EVERYTHING) finally gave up the ghost. :/ but all my stories are on there! :/ i really hope i can get something worked out, but until then, i have to steal my parents computer, and NOBODY likes that.

sorry, just had to vent. :/

anyway, so it just seems like an impossible situation. my dad says that i can't get my files off my computer unless i can get it restarted, and i don't even have anywhere to transfer them to, even if i could get them off my computer. we have an extra computer, but it doesn't have internet connection, so that's no good. :/ and i don't want to deplete my savings to buy another one! :/ sooooooooooooo... i'm seriously about to have a fit tonight. :/ i've been between tears and a fit of anger all night. :/ so pray for me, y'all...

anywho! i have to get back to my science project. but thanks for letting me vent. :/

till next time,
ash the (emotional) dreamer

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Jen said...

lHey Ash, so sorry about the computer. :( Ohmygeewhiz girl, I will pray the Lord send you a double measure of sunshine soon. :)

You have been awarded!! Check out my blog for details. :)

BTW...I name everything too.
My cd player remote: Chippy
Car: Calvin
Maple tree in backyard: Albert

Such is my life. :)