07 November 2009


Sorry to end the week with that dreadfully depressing last blog. :/ But hello again! I'm feeling quite a bit better today, although I am still kinda icky. :/

But there's all these plans in my life that I'm working on executing, and I'm excited about them. Getting a new job, finding out about longer-term mission opportunities in Europe, sponsoring a sweet little girl from El Salvador through Compassion International (their names are Lorena Sofia and Irene Abigail)... (gah, they're so adorable! :) There's two I'm trying to decide about, and I'm hoping nobody sponsors ONE of them until I can transfer my money so I can sponsor one of them!)

Anyway, I am feeling a bit better, after feeling still pretty depressed last night, and I feel like I'm on the up and up. :) And since the last blog was so sad, I figured I would leave you with some sheer happiness. :)

I used to say NOTHING good came out of Nebraska (especially since my year in Nebraska was probably the lowest point in my life), but I've changed my mind. There's at least one thing good that comes out of Nebraska: this SWEET band! :)

Gah, I love their music! (They're called Remedy Drive, if you didn't catch on, lol.) Their music always makes me feel so happy and revolutionary! :)

And THIS is the guy who basically does my favorite radio morning show ever (his name is Brant Hansen, and he's stinkin' HILARIOUS!).

Oh, if you get a chance, pray for him, because he's in Kabul, Afghanistan, right now, as a short-term missionary, helping missionary doctor's give birth to babies and cleaning up after them. :) It sounds like a really amazing ministry he's going with (called CURE International), so pray for him, because he and his wife Carolyn are doing an amazing thing right now...

Anyway, I figured y'all could use some cheering up after that last blog. :)

P.S... Jen, thanks for your comment, if you read this blog, too! :) It was so encouraging to me! :)

Until next time,
Ash the (Now Laughing) Dreamer! :)

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