11 November 2009

pray for me...

today i lost a very good friend.

her name was bree.

and she was amazing.

and now she's gone.

so please, please pray for me.

i've been crying for almost an hour straight through. :*(

i know i'll make it through, but i'll miss bree and everything we shared together. :*(

anyway, i just came on to ask you guys to pray for me! :)

have a lovely evening, y'all! :)

until next time,
ash the (devastated) dreamer

1 comment:

Jen said...

Hey Ash,
I haven't been online much lately, so I didn't catch your note in the last post til now. :( But you're so welcome, and thank you back for the encouragement.

Will be praying for you dear, I'm so sorry about your friend. Something that has been refreshing water for me during loss, refining fires, or rough circumstances, has been an article from a lady I admire...I posted it on a fellowship blog just last night.

It's titled Teach Me to Worship.
God is with you, He holds you and heals you. <3