17 April 2010

Picture Day!!!!

I usually don't do this, but I really liked quite a few pictures I took today... I'm a really bad photographer, lol, but alas... here they are! :) Lea and I went to this park by a museum in-town today (simply called "The Museum Park", lol), and it was freezing cold, but we had a lot of fun! :)

Purple flowers! My favorite! haha.

I don't like white flowers as much, but these are really pretty and lacy! Sorry about my hand and my iPod, lol... It was really windy, so I had to hold the branch still. :)

There are these really cool bridges everywhere in the park. This probably doesn't do it justice, but they're really rustic and awesome. :)

I love tulips! And I think these white ones were so beautiful. :) There were hundreds of them--well, maybe 50 of them, but they were so pretty!

I managed to get Lea to stop running around to get a picture of her! Isn't she just adorable?

This is my favorite! I just love the contrast of the water and the pretty flowers... and it took me forever to get it just right, so I'm pretty happy about this one, haha.

And I usually hate all the pictures of me out there (well, lately, anyway), but I thought this one wasn't too bad. haha. :)

And that was Lea's and my adventure! :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Artistic) Dreamer


beka said...

Very sweet! Love the flower-and-water-contrast one:) And that bridge is pretty cool-looking.

Amélie said...

very cool! i think you inspired me to make another photography blog, hehe. you and lea are very cute!