16 April 2010


Sometimes I think we should take life lessons from kid songs.

I am pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but once a month, I play the piano for the Sabbath School (the equivalent of Sunday School, but on Saturday, haha) class for toddlers--well, newborn to just before they turn four years old. Those kids completely revolutionized me--I am pretty sure I know exactly why Jesus said when He said we need to be children to enter the kingdom of God.

But no wonder their joy is so great, and their love is so strong. I was just practicing a little bit ago some of the songs that I'll have to play for them in about three weeks, and the lyrics for one of the songs goes like this:

Jesus made me a special way, a special way, a special way.
Jesus made me a special way, because He loves me.

How great is that?! Why can't the lyrics of ALL songs be like that? Why do we make faith so hard, sometimes?

I think following Jesus was meant to be simple, and we just make it difficult.

I was looking at family pictures tonight, of when I was about ten years old. Around that time, my baby sister was about two, which is pretty much my favorite age ever. I guess I don't know that many kids when they're going through the terrible twos. haha. I was just struck by how awesome it was to be a kid, and how I wish my childhood would have been less awkward, but how beautiful being a child really is.

And then, that makes me want to live out my faith in a very real, tangible, sweet, honest, but especially SIMPLE way. We make faith so complicated, but it's really so simple.

And then I think of the children I hope to have one day, especially a little girl named Isabelle Jane, and I hope it's easy for her, too.

But not just Isabelle and me. I hope believing in Jesus and following the truth comes easily and joyfully to all of us.

And that's all I really have to say tonight. I hope you all have had a great week! :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Hopeful) Dreamer

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