15 April 2011


I need a bumper sticker.

When you have something to proclaim to the world, something so momentous you can't just tell a few friends on facebook, that's when you need a bumper sticker, right?

Well, I need a bumper sticker.

My brother was just accepted into the Air Force. My BROTHER just got accepted into the AIR FORCE! I'm officially a part of a military family.

I mean, I was before--my dad was in the Air Force when he was my brother's age. But he hasn't been a part of the military for DECADES. And now, now my little Buddy is a SOLDIER!

You can't even imagine what that feels like.

I'm SO utterly proud of him, so excited that his dream is coming true. Out of all the people in the world, I would fight for orphans and soldiers the most. If you're selfless enough to become a soldier, then you deserve a TON of recognition and gratitude, in my book. My brother's about to step into that world, and I'm so proud my heart's about to explode.

Then again, I'm terrified. He's talking about training as one of those soldiers who sits at the edge of a helicopter, with the machine guns, taking out the enemy below. He's talking about driving trucks along roads that are LINED with IEDs. He's talking about being a security detail, walking the streets of Iraq. I'm thrilled that he's SO excited about this, but I'm scared half to death.

What if my Buddy is murdered by insurgents on his first day of his first deployment? What if my Buddy loses a leg or an arm? What if he becomes paralyzed? Worse of all, what if his SOUL becomes paralyzed, because of all the horrors he'll see? What will killing a man do to my heartwarming, adorable little brother?

Buddy is TOO GOOD for war. He's funny and happy and silly and hugable and smart and artistic, and all that could be wasted when some (potentially) well-meaning government officials decide that his skills would be best served in a war zone. If the American military topples my brother's already weak faith, I think that would kill me.

What will being a soldier do to him? I'm scared of that.

But oh, I'm oh-so-proud.

I'm a sister of an airman. I'm a sister of an airman who is going to KICK BUTT.

That's all for now. :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Worried) Dreamer

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Amélie said...

Wow! How brave of him! I wish him all the luck in the world!