28 January 2011

Welcome to My World...

Long time, no see, everybody!

I have no clue if people even still care about me blogging, hahahaha. But it brought about something good in my life, so I kinda want to get back into it.

Sooo... what has Ashley been up to? Not a whole stinkin' lot. The biggest news is that I am completely in love with Ugly Betty. I know, exciting stuff, right?

That... and I'm writing again! Yay! Exciting stuff. Well... it's only fanfiction. But it makes me happy. And it's got me thinking about writing my own stories. Sooo. I think it's a good thing. If you have any clue what Covert Affairs is... or even if you want to know... and you're remotely curious about what I write like when I'm not rambling like an idiot... you should check it out. :] Here's the link to my profile that has all the stories I've written. here. :]

Okay. I think that's it for now. I'll try and come up with something more exciting later. :]

Till next time,
Ash the Dreamer

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