31 May 2010

The Things That Make Me Cry... :*(

Hey, everybody! It's been a WHILE! But that's okay, because this little video I'm posting is a DOOZY! I don't cry all that often, but man, this had me in tears! I don't know if I mentioned this on here or not, but my little brother (who just turned 20 this month) has announced that he wants to join the military, so it scares me, but makes me SO proud. And just thinking of my brother becoming like these people, and thinking of what they have done for our country... yeah, I'm not gonna lie. It makes me cry.

So I just want to say, on this Memorial Day, thank you. I don't even think that any military people read my blog, but I just want to say it, to know that I HAVE said it.

Thank. You.

Till next time,
Ash the (Teary) Dreamer


beka said...

Ohhh, goodness. Made me tear up.
Thanks for sharing it!

Jen said...

Oh wow. I was just on AA four times in little over a week, and saw lots in uniform. That was a sweet video.
Came by (not to cry, *sniff) but to let you know I awarded you a blog award in my last post. :)