17 May 2010

Hello! Here's my True Wind blog, as promised. :)

I guess I'll start with the prayer tent... this really awesome art teacher whose the wife of one of the pastors who started True Wind, and she makes these AMAZING prayer tents every year. :) She's pretty much a genius. :) I think most of my pictures are of the prayer tent, hehe. :)

Here's a few more pictures of that part. :)

There was a lot of praise and worship, too... this is a really bad picture, I think, but I couldn't get it any clearer... and it is basically dozens of silly teenagers jumping up and down in front of a stage, so I didn't expect TOO much, haha. I tried to get a picture of the band, but it didn't work well at all... and I took a video of one of the songs, but alas, it sounded HORRIBLE. So I gave up on that, too. Sorry! :*(

And I got a video of one of the preachers... he was probably my least favorite, but that's because the other pastor (Pastor Serg) was always my favorite teacher in high school, and the other "pastor" was a year or two older than me, so I could relate to him easier, haha. I tried to upload the video, but it's taking for-EVER, and I am SO tired, so maybe I'll try again tomorrow evening. :*(

I had an okay time... it's not as fun if you don't really have friends to hang out with, so I ended up hanging out with my little sister the whole time. I love Becca to death, but it definitely wasn't as fun as I hoped it would be... :*( But some of the sermons/speeches/etc. were really good, and motivated me in my own life, so I am pretty glad I went. :)

On another note... I got my new car today! I think I mentioned it, but I'm not sure... in January my old car, Lucy, died... and I was very sad, especially since I lost pretty much ALL my independence. It was HORRIBLE. haha. But today I got a new car! And it's the same model as Lucy, except a year newer, I think. And Lucy was black, and this new car is a maroon-ish color. I've been playing around with the idea of naming her Ruby, nn Roo... but now I'm leaning more towards Ella... I think it's so cute... haha. So I'm thinking of naming her either Ella Ruby or Ella Gwendolyn... :) Do you have any fabulous ideas of what to name her? Oh, and I can't name her Violet (my hairbrush), Macy (my cell phone), Lucy (my old car), Evie/Evey/Eva/Rachel (Eva Rachel is the name of my current laptop), Sarah/Sadie/Lacey (the name of my old laptop...), Norah/Evangeline/Donovan (the name of my parents' van--we can't decide which name to call it... I've always called her Norah, but everyone else always says, "NOOOOO..." and my brother wants to name it Van, so i compromised--a name with Van in it--so I said Donovan or Evangeline, but he wants Donovan, and my mom wants a girls' name... so I just call it Norah and forget them. haha), or Elise (the name of my grandmother's car). haha.

So if you have any suggestions, I'm eager to hear them, but I think I'll probably start to call her Ella, and sometimes with the nickname of Elle. I think it suits her, and I loooove it. :)

Oh, here's a picture of her. :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Sleepy) Dreamer.

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