03 March 2010

Weddings, Birthdays, and Valleys

Today is my friend's wedding day! Since it's about 2:30 am on tomorrow in Paris (where she lives), I'm sure the wedding is already over (hehe), but I just wanted to say happy wedding day, Amelie! I hope you and Jacob are VERY happy together, and that your honeymoon in Turkey is amazing! :)

Also, if you get a chance, my lovely friends, please remember me in your prayers. School, work, staying up entirely too late, my sudden lack of independence (due to the sudden and tragic death of my lovely, reliable car, Lucie), and just about a million other things have me going utterly CRAZY... and I'm really in need of some extra strength to get me through these next few days until Spring Break starts in just a few days!

Oooh, and there are exact-ically 17 days until my birthday!!!!! Woohoo! I'm excited. :) My birthday is always entirely spectacular. :) The countdown has officially begun. :)


I love you all... talk to you soon! :)

Till next time,
Ash the (Struggling) Dreamer

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Jen said...

I think the Lord had me visit your blog at the perfect time yesterday--because I caught the original post. I even commented, but it didn't accept the comment, because (I'm supposing) you deleted/rewrote the post. :) I do that all the time--there are a bazillion blogs in my drafts that haven't been published because I didn't like how it was written--or I was having a bad day. :(

It was nice to read your heart though, and see your new post as evidence you're keeping your chin up. Praying for you! And here's a prescription from your sister, Jen: Psalm 18. I think you and David can relate to each other today. :)

Thank you for your sweet comment on my Healing post. I always feel "hugged" from you when you comment. Grace and peace, dear!