19 March 2010

Matthew West and the Cabin Mouse

Look-ey what I got for my birthday!!!!!!!! I looooove getting flowers, and I LOOOOOOVE purple, and I LOOOOOOOVEEEE tulips! haha. I'm pretty stoked for my birthday so far. And it hasn't even happened yet! :) I'm a bit sad that the flowers haven't opened yet, but they're purple tulips for my birthday! What's not to like?! lol.

I've been loving telling stories lately--not ones made up in my head, but ones I've come across... and I came across this amazing one this week! It makes me laugh so much, and I hope it will make you laugh a bit, too. :)

It involves one of my favorite singers--his name is Matthew West--and all month he's been holed up in a cabin near Nashville, Tennessee, writing songs for his new album. :) Apparently, he's discovered a mouse, and created a twitter account for the mouse, so the mouse and Matthew West have been dialoguing back and forth, and it makes me laugh a LOT. haha. Hopefully, you'll see. :)

CabinMouse: I am a mouse. I live in a cabin that has recently been invaded by a singing human named Matthew West. Follow me as I make him regret the ... Day he ever stepped foot in my cabin... Mooohooohaaa!!! (evil high pitched laugh) Looks like I have a new follower. At last we meet, Mr. West. U may follow me, but u will never catch me!

matthew_west: We'll see about that. I bought traps. Watch urself.

CabinMouse: I'm smart enough to set up a Twitter account. Highly doubt ur little trap will fool me.

matthew_west: touché. Just watch ur tail.

CabinMouse: About me: I'm the youngest of 123 kids. Was born on Christmas eve in a shoe store. Spent 1st years calling a women's shoe size 8, home. One Christmas eve, some kid bought the shoe for his mom. Somethin' about how "these shoes were just her size." I was homeless and scared. I get emotional just thinking about that tough time in my life. But in many ways I think it has led me to become the mouse I am today. I will tweet more tomorrow, so u can get to know me. Right now, I've got some eating and pooping to do. peace out.

Then, the next day, there was this installment:

matthew_west: U guys r supposed to b on my side, instead ur suggesting I give @cabinouse his own song?! Lets not forget he's a rodent and an intruder.

CabinMouse: I may b a rodent, but I have feelings. Feelings that u just crushed. Besides, u invaded MY house. Not cool, don't expect to b on my record.. If I ever make one. U cut me real deep just now @Matthew_west. Real deep.

And even later:

CabinMouse: Another little get to know me:My top 3 movies all time: 1. Ratatouille 2. Stuart Little 3. Alvin and the Chipmunks. And tonight is movie night. Unless Mr. Hateful @Matthew_west comes back.

matthew_west: Got a bunch of new stories. Headed back to the cabin tonight for some late night inspiration.

CabinMouse: @Matthew_west Crap. Movie night postponed.

matthew_west: "Another little get to know me: My top 3 movies all time: 1. Ratatouille 2. Stuart Little 3. Alvin and the Chipmunks." (via @CabinMouse) weird.

Two days later:

matthew_west: Amazing stories today! Thanks for sending them to me guys. Inspiring.

CabinMouse: Yes, I agree with @matthew_west. Amazing stories. I read them too...

matthew_west: Creepy. "I always feel like somebody's watching me."

CabinMouse: Today's get to know me: My top 3 fav cheeses. #1 a nice aged cheddar. 2. Parmesan (I'm half italian.) #3 Velveeta (a working mouse's cheese). I also like cheese in a can, but that's hard to eat 'cuz I don't have apposable thumbs. @matthew_west brought has good taste in cheese...

The next day:

matthew_west: "Headed to see @matthew_west Hoping they'll let me collaborate on a song." (via @carmenbrown) ummm, Well,See... Here's the thing...

CabinMouse: So, @matthew_west had these people from a radio station in Florida at the cabin. Thought about hopping in their backpack. I hear FL is nice. I've got a cousin in Florida.

And then today:

CabinMouse: Rumor has it @matthew_west is headed to Seattle for the weekend. When the cat's away...

Nine minutes later:

CabinMouse: @matthew_west Your little mouse trap doesn't fool me. But the peanut butter on the end was a nice touch.

matthew_west: @CabinMouse is really starting to get on my nerves. I've actually thought of buying a cat. How do u feel about that?

CabinMouse: ooh, I'm shaking in my whiskers. I'm so scared I just left some droppings on @matthew_west kitchen counter. oops.

matthew_west: gross. U just keep it up @CabinMouse. keep it up.

Haha!!!! See what I mean? So adorable but so hilarious! :) I love it. Makes me laugh every time. lol.

Anyway, hope y'all have a great weekend!!!!

Till next time,
Ash the (Amused) Dreamer

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