19 February 2010

Top 10 Places...


happy friday, everyone! :)

i love blogging fridays. :) not sure why, they just feel so magical. :)

that, and the oh-so-awesome Christmas lights still dancing around my bedroom in the dark of night. there's something so magical about this atmosphere that i don't understand, but i love it oh-so-much!

anyway, hello.

i got a new song for free today, and i'm pretty excited about it. :) it's called "eyes of a rescue", by a band called chasen. they're really awesome. i think so, anyway. :)

i'm not sure why, but i'm in a traveling, seeing-the-whole-world sort of mood tonight, so i figured i would post my top ten favorite places that i want to see before i die. :)

10. Spain

I'm not exactly sure why I want to see Spain, haha... It just feels like it has this smokey, European awesome-ness. I don't even know Spanish ("casa", "hijo/hija", and "abuelo" are pretty much the extent of my Spanish awesomeness, lol), but I always thought it would be a very awesome place to visit. I think I might want to see Barcelona the most, so that's what this picture is of. :)

09. Paris, France

I'm not exactly why in the world Paris is so far down on my list today! I really want to see it, especially after Amelie talks about it all the time! :) And I found out I have a tiny bit of French in me, and I adore pretty much EVERYTHING French, and I soooooooooooo want to learn French more than any other language... but alas, it is farther down. Probably because of the horror stories people tell me about it, which makes me mad, because I want to see Paris sooooooooooooooo bad!!!! :*(

08. Oregon/Washington, USA

I really want to see Oregon and Washington, after my aunt and uncle went there about a year ago... I think the nature is so beautiful there! :) And I want to see all the monstrous trees! :)

07. Toledo, Ohio

I want to see Toledo, Ohio, REALLY bad, too! I don't even know why, really. haha. I guess it's because that's where my favorite band is from, and I just want to see what it's like. And driving through Ohio, it's so beautiful there. :) That, and I set quite a few of my stories in Toledo, so it doesn't seem fair that I write about Toledo without ever being there! And it's so close--less than 12 hours away by car, I think... :/

06. Sofia, Bulgaria

I don't even know why, but I really want to see Sofia, Bulgaria! Haha, probably because I love the name Sofia so much, and I think it's so completely awesome that there's a town called Sofia. :) Otherwise, I have no clue why I would want to see it. And I think that after I got there, I might not like it as much, but, oh, well. haha.

05. Budapest, Hungary

I am not sure why I want to see Budapest, either! haha. But after I saw this picture, I want to go even more! :) It looks really pretty there. :) I guess I just thought that Budapest and Belfast were two of the very coolest names for a city. I've loved the idea of seeing those two cities for a very long time--since I was in elementary school, haha!

04. Wales

I quite want to see Wales, too. Mainly because my parents used to say I had quite a bit of Welsh in me. :) So I really want to see what it looks like there. :)

03. Nova Scotia and Quebec, Canada

I'm not exactly sure why I want to go to Nova Scotia and Quebec--well, Quebec because of the French association, but I want to go to Nova Scotia more. I think it's because I thought that Nova Scotia was the coolest name for a province/state ever! haha. And when my aunt and uncle went and came back with such awesome stories, I want to go see it so bad! :)))))

02. Scotland

I'm not exactly sure why I want to see Scotland so bad tonight! haha. But I do want to see it quite a bit. Which could be due to my complete love for the name Eilidh (pronounced like AY-lee), which is Scottish, and that my uncle is Scottish and plays the bagpipes (hehe!), and that I read an awesome series of books placed in Scotland, and that I have an awesome cyber-friend originally from Scotland, too. hehe. :) But usually, I don't have a burning desire to go to Scotland this bad, haha.

1. Pragueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

I don't know why, but I am completely IN LOVE with the idea of going to see Prague, Czech Republic. I want to see it so utterly bad! :) I want to see St. Stephan's (Stephen's?) Cathedral and Charles Bridge, especially... that's all I had really heard of in Prague, but after looking a bit online, there are so many things I would love to see there! The Jewish Quarter (and the Jewish Museum!) being among the most primary examples. :) I just think it's a really awesome city. :)

Haha, so that's my top ten. I also really want to see Russia (especially Moscow and St. Petersburg!), England/London, Switzerland, Vienna, Estonia (for some reason, I just love the name of their country!), Denmark, Greece, Italy, Australia, at least one country in North Africa, New Zealand, Alaska, Wyoming and Montana, Texas, Germany (especially since most of my family came from there), Luxembourg (just because it's so much fun to say!!!! ahahahaha), Israel (because of my Christian roots), and MAYBE Japan (because my cousin was a missionary there for two years, and he completely loved it... so I just want to see why he loved it so much!). :) Hehe, see? I'm obsessed!


Anyway, so what are yours?

Till next time,
Ash the (Restless) Dreamer

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Mayhem and Moxie said...

Such a fantastic list of places to visit. I would have to agree with everything you included for Europe! Those sites are definitely on my list too. Sigh...someday!

As for places I want to see in the US, New York, Boston, Miami, and New Mexico rank pretty high for me. :)

Thanks again for responding to the blogger post on ParentsConnect. Such a great way to meet other bloggers!