06 June 2009

coolest quote ever!!!!!

I was just listening to some old Matthew West songs (he's a Christian singer), and I just love this one line from this song called "Curtain". I don't really like the rest of the song--it's got this weird vibe that I'm not feelin' too much today (you can check it out on his myspace, though--www.myspace.com/matthewwest), but I love the first line!!!! :)

Anyway, here it is:

"Well I've been catching up on daydreams
I've been lost all afternoon...
Cuz I've been imaginin' the future
in a world of only You..."

The first line was what got me, but I think I love the first four lines now!!!!

Man, I think I wanna go daydream nowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Just figured I would share that with you. :)

Ash the (totally) Dreamer

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Anonymous said...

ahhh its a really cute quote !