15 March 2009

Sanctus Real and other amazing things.

sorry i didn't post on friday night. i was tired.

so about that sanctus real concert!!!!!!! eep, it was awesome.

I got to stand up really close to the stage and take pictures (I got quite a few good ones, too!), and Matt gave me a high five. And after the show, I got to meet the band (AGAIN!), and this time, I got to talk to Chris the most. Not Matt really at all, but Chris talked to my little sister and me about what it was like being sisters, and random stuff. And he kind of remembered my name, so that's pretty cool. Dan joked around with my dad a little bit, too, about how hard it was to remember the way to spell his name, so he just signs it "DG". lol. I almost didn't get Mark's and Matt's autographs on my "Say It Loud" CD. I almost didn't get Say It Loud, either (it's not really sold in stores, so I'm just glad I hinted at my dad to buy it for my birthday on Friday!!! :) I was at the end of the line, and it was like, 11 o'clock, by the time we left, so it's understandable. But this time, their personalities (that I thought I saw) changed a little bit, and not in a bad way! Chris is really cool. :)

Anyway, other than that, on Spring Break, so far, I got home at about 4:30 on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, I made cookies (I was going to take some to Sanctus Real, which was the surprise about the concert, but that didn't work out very well.), and my family ate them all by now. LOL. I also got my hair cut (so it's pretty much shorter; well, only a few inches shorter; but i have "short" bangs again). I also got to visit my grandmother, too. She has lung cancer, and is pretty weak, so I don't see her all too often. I got to see my little second cousin, Emma, who is the most adorable 8-week-old baby girl I think I have EVER seen in my 20-year-old life. :) She slept the whole time, so I didn't get to hold her, but she is just precious.

On Sabbath, I went to church, which I didn't really get to enjoy that much, but I still got to see my favorite-est little three-year-old little girl!!!! Laney is sooooo adorable. Her whole family was there, so she was with them the whole time, but I waved at her several times, and I could tell she wanted to come be with me. :))))) I love that little girl to death. lol.

Anyway, here's some pictures and videos from the concert (the videos aren't complete songs, sorry about that...)

toodles for now,
Ash the Dreamer

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