21 February 2009


it's late. haha, for some reason, i usually do most of my blogging late at night, or early in the morning. not sure why. but i love this time of the day. everyone is asleep, and i have time to listen to my favorite music and commune with God. it's just amazing. and it helps that i can look up into the sky and see the stars twinkling and winking down at me, reminding me that all that is good now will always be good.

i mean, sure, the world is in upheaval. when isn't it? there are always going to be murderers and liars and money launderers and rapists and terrorists. this world is broke and falling apart. but all that is good now has always been good and will always be good. isn't it true?

think about the good things in life. the way a mother loves her babies unconditionally. the way Jesus showers mercy on this pitiable orb that needs that mercy and grace so badly. the way hope is in the eyes of african children, and the way three-year-old little girls jump into the arms of the ones they love with utter and complete trust and unabashed love. all that is good will always be good. it's true.

in my life right now, a lot is good. i'm studying a major that i thought i would hate but i am fastly falling in love with it. i am making plans to change the world. i have a family and tons of friends who love me. i get to go to church tomorrow. Jesus still gives me more grace. that in itself is worthy of saying all of life is good.

where would we be were it not for God's grace?


i'm just looking out at the lincoln, nebraska, sky tonight, listening to matt hammitt sing the words of my favorite song by sanctus real, "things like you," and i'm falling in love with life again. i've had some problems lately, stuff so personal i don't want to get into it, but in the midst of it all, God is still here. Emmanuel. God. with. us.

it seriously sounds like i'll get to go to my second sanctus real concert. something i'm completely stoked about. in 21 days, hopefully i will get to see a sunshiney three-year-old little girl by the name of laney, and i'll get to carry her out to her car like i have done every Sabbath afternoon for weeks last semester. for the first time since i semi-moved out of my house, i've heard that my baby sister misses me. i've heard that she missed my brother, but never me. that means more than i can imagine to figure out how to say. and one of my biggest dreams just might come true in three weeks. that would make me pass out, almost, i think. maybe i should bring smelling salts, just in case. lol.

God is good.

i guess that's all i'm trying to say tonight. no matter what has happened, life is still good, because God is always good.

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