07 January 2009

so, i'm back at my private college in the midwest, and i never thought it would be this different!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe it. i figured i'd keep you up-to-date, though, so here's my update.

my friends are awesome. i can't believe i have gone this long without seeing them. they're gonna kill me if i become a task force dean next school year. haha. oh, yeah. i'm trying to be a task force dean at my old boarding academy. hope that works. we'll see. i just got internet today, and i'm pretty psyched about that. i just found out i have no quarters or laundry detergent for doing laundry, and i'm not too psyched about that. i can't find my new pjs that i got for Christmas, and i am not too psyched about that, either. i am pretty psyched that i've been talkin to some people about baby names, lately, though. can't believe how addicting that is. maybe they should have another na (is there a narcotics anonymous? there should be a names anonymous. man, i need help, lol).

i have three psych classes, a history class, a badminton class (which i'm totally psyched for... i LOVE playing badminton, and i haven't gotten to since, like, eighth grade), and a Bible class (which i'm pretty psyched for, too!). mainly, i'm psyched to be alive, and psyched that i'm around all these people that are crazy about me, and i don't even know why!!!!!!! haha. i guess i really am loved. can't wait to meet sanctus real again... i'm planning on that for my spring break (hopefully, anyway!!!!!). i'm planning something, but i want it to be a surprise! so i'll tell you all about it later.

i think i should apply for scholarships here. that way, i can get more money, so i'll have money to go to the sanctus real concert over break. that'll be awesome. i talked to my mom today, and she's gonna send me a care package... already! YAY!!!!!! i can't wait. cookies and pudding and nutella and pop-tarts and string cheese and apple cider!!!!!!!!!! my favorite-est things in the whole world! :) (well, besides people and things about Jesus and the Bible and writing, of course, lol)

well, i'm getting tired, and i have a crazy load of classes tomorrow, so i'll talk to you guys later... :)


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