24 September 2008

oh, to change the world...

lately, i have had this driving passion to change the world. it was a feeling i had almost every other day before i became depressed, and now, thanks to the AWESOME SANCTUS REAL CONCERT (thanks, guys!!! on the off chance that you ever read my blog... haha), i have had that compelling feeling almost multiple times in the days that have followed.

for one, i am completely stoked. i can't believe that this feeling is coming back... my number one dream has always been to change the world, relationships at a time, and for so many months, i haven't felt that passion. for two, i want to scream and pull my hair out (despite how painful i know that would be). at the sanctus real concert, this really cool preacher-dude (his name is sammy adebiyi) from africa (nigeria) who now lives in toledo, ohio, was talking about a tangible way that we can change the world. i would give almost anything to change the world, to be a part of something bigger with every move that i make.

i mean, between blogging for this blog, i did sign up for mocha club, which i am totally stoked about... and even though it seems like such a little thing, it is changing the world, if only by a little. (btw, if you wanna join my team, go to http://mochaclub.org/joinme/dreamer84 and sign up. it only costs 7 bucks per month, and it really makes a difference.)

well, i need to go to work tomorrow, so i should sign off for today... i just wish it was easier to make a difference... hmmm...

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