06 July 2008

twinkle, twinkle, little star...

I was going to try and find a picture for you to look at tonight, since this is such a visual blog, and, i guess this one is OKAY... not as amazing as the view i saw, but, oh, well.

anyway, tonight i want to tell you about something i witnessed a few nights ago... it was a little after midnight, and my whole family was asleep, so i went outside for a few minutes (i know, i'm crazy), and i was just staring up at the skies. the only reason i went outside was to look at the sky... for some reason, i feel a lot closer to God whenever i look up at the skies... especially at the big dipper. go figure. anyway, so i was staring up at the sky, remembering how i used to study the sky every night as i said my prayers and went to sleep, and it was so incredibly awesome... the stars were shining so brightly, and they were swaying back and forth, almost as if they were dancing. do great balls of fire dance? i guess they do now! :) but the stars were dancing, and underneath the stars, like a gentle cushion, were these big puffy clouds, like the trampoline the stars bounced off of, and it was like the night sky was electrified with the glory of God. i was like, "whoa... such goodness is too much for me, Lord..." i still get goosebumps thinking about it!

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it..."

Psalm 24:1.

what else is there to say?

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