24 September 2010

The Miracle of Life?

Yesterday, probably my best friend in the world right now had her triplets. Well, I guess that's technically not true--the first triplet was born on my brother's birthday (May 19), because they couldn't stop little Ari from coming--I already mentioned her miraculous story. And baby Ari's still going strong. But they knew Ari's "twin" was still in there--and Krista (I'm giving them different names, because they really appreciate their privacy online) had been told there was news about her pregnancy, pretty big news, but she didn't want to know, just because she'd been going through so much, with Ari's INSANELY early birth, and the death of the woman who raised her, and getting pregnant so soon after she'd had twins (I'll call them Zavier and Claire). And she and her hubby Danny had taken in two foster boys (Bailey, age 3, and Christian, 14 months).

So she didn't want to know--she just wanted to wait until her baby came to know. Well, the news was that she wasn't having twins, but TRIPLETS! So yesterday, little Dominic made his appearance in to the world, and they were very excited--Ari had a little Dom to forever be her twin, and life was looking good--until a few moments later, when Krista had more birth pains--and they were like, "Yeah, congratulations, Krista, it's TRIPLETS!" lol.

And then little ASHLEY was born (yes, I STINKIN' CAN'T BELIEVEEEEEEEEEEEEE she named her daughter after me!). Danny told Krista (who told me) that he said that they just HAD to use Ashley, because they loved the nn Lea(h), and that I had been such a godsend in their lives--not just with helping Krista and Danny pick out names for their past five children, but because I had been there for Krista during all the hard times this year. And there have been hard times, let me tell you. I started crying--I STILL can't believe it.

I felt so good, so confident in life, so humble, so honored, so caught up in a perfect miracle of how life is supposed to be, so excited for the Porter family, who now have eight perfect children (yes, even perfect little Ari Porter, who could possibly grow up with a million different problems, but she's still oh-so-perfect, because Jesus gave her a life-sustaining hope for the future!). Hazel, Bailey, Christian, Zavier, Claire, Ariana, Dominic, and Ashley. And they're all so beautiful and loved. I can't believe how GOOD God has been to their family.

And then, my friend Amelie emailed me last night. She had triplets on August 12, and the second of her triplets, Jonas, passed away on September 22.

I was stricken with horror.

Hours ago I was celebrating with Krista, Danny, Hazel, Bailey, Christian, Zavier, Claire, and Ariana over the sweet victories of Dominic's and Ashley's births... and now, my heart is breaking for Amelie, and how she has lost Jonas, too.

Sometimes, I don't understand how in the world life can be fair.

I'm struck by the sadness, the perplexity, of the fact that two beautiful, perfect babies can be born in America, while a beautiful baby boy dies in France. Life seems unfair.

I heard this song today... it seemed to fit what I was thinking... as if I know what I'm thinking, even--I'm so happy for Krista and Danny, but so sad for Amelie and her last baby, Baby Lainey, who has to live without Ysa and Jonas, her two perfect triplets. :*(

Till next time,
Ash the (Confused) Dreamer

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